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Saturday, July 13, 2024

George Walker Bush’s War Against Iraq: Five Long Years and Counting…

American taxpayers need to ask some cold, hard questions of their leaders.

After 5 years of invasion and occupation, TRILLIONS spent of taxpayer dollars and THOUSANDS of U.S. military and Iraqi soldier and civilian casualties, who are the REAL winners of the Iraq War?

Are the winners the American people? No, they aren’t.

So who ARE the winners?

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Newspeak 2008

George Orwell, born Eric Blair, was a journalist and an author of novels and essays. He is known for his insights about the political implications of the use of language.

In the essay “Politics and the English Language”, he decries the effects of cliche, bureaucratic euphemism, and academic jargon on literary styles, and ultimately on thought itself.

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More troops to Afghanistan

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said he wants to send more troops to Afghanistan "sooner rather than later," signaling a shift in priorities from Iraq amid warnings of an accelerating Taliban threat.

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Little passion for McCain

Stirring her morning coffee, lifelong Republican Grace Droog voiced her doubts — and those of many evangelical voters — about what she isn’t hearing from John McCain in this year’s presidential election.

"I look for something about his faith," she said. "It’s very important, it’s what our nation was founded on."

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Obama raises $52 million for June

Democrat Barack Obama’s presidential campaign says it raised $52 million last month.

The Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee ended the month of June with a combined total of nearly $72 million in the bank.

Last week the campaign of Republican John McCain reported raising more than $22 million in June, which was his best month of the year.

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Courting voters of faith

Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign talks about religion at "American values" house parties. He courts young Christians during campus visits. And his backers put religious messages on social networking Web sites.

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Obama and affirmative action

It’s a pretty safe bet that the majority of Obama supporters also champion affirmative action or racial and gender preferences in employment, college admissions and government contracting.

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The disinformation age

The folks over at OPEC, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, must think we’re pretty stupid. The other day, Chakib Khelil, the current OPEC president, asserted that "the intrusion of bioethanol on the market" is responsible for 40 percent of recent increases in the price of oil.

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Whining about our financial woes

On behalf of the whiner community, I would like to say a few characteristically depressing words about the economy.

As former Sen. Phil Gramm said recently, whiners like myself are having a mental recession when it comes to the economy. I have to admit this is true. My mentality long ago receded so much it took my hair with it.

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