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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Bush Violated at Least 4 Statutes on FISA

Just being complete so we at CHB are clear what the Bush Administration did to us and is continuing to do:

The statutory causes of action Congress created to hold telecoms accountable for illegal surveillance play a crucial role in providing a judicial forum for warrantless surveillance.

They are:

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Systematic government frame-up exposed

USA Today, has a major breakthrough documenting systematic prosecutor misconduct, and an attempt to frame an immigrant. Unfortunately it’s in the Money Section where most of the Peace and Justice community and election activists might mis it.

I hope it gets noted by activist sights. See,

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ACLU and EFF FISA Lawsuit Challenge Details

The ACLU filed one action in the FISA court, requesting that — contrary to how the FISA court normally works — all proceedings regarding the constitutionality of the FISA law be open to the public and transparent, and that the proceedings be adversarial (i.e., that the ACLU — rather than just the Government — can participate).

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A challenge…if you are up to it.

I am tired of the moaning and groaning, so I challeng all of you including Doug, to do something constructive.

Senator Obama has asked people to participate in writing the Dem platform. Rush Limbaugh has asked his legions of followers to mess that up with their participation.

So here is the challenge….Let’s write our own platform here at CHB.

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