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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Pulling the plug on retirement

Retirement is an old concept. In 17th century Massachusetts, colonists wounded in battles with Indians would receive a pension to support himself and his family. They were funded with tax collections, often collected by the wounded themselves.

Today retirement is vastly different, but we find the roots of the modern system in 1875 when the American Express railroad company established the first private pension plan in America during the industrial revolution. Other companies quickly followed suit to drawl skilled workers off the farms and from other companies into their own labor pools.

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Pollcheckers Rant – America is like Christy Brinkley

This past week the Main Stream Media (MSM) has been full of tales from the Divorce Court of Christy Brinkley. And as I hear this stuff in passing, it occurs to me that America is a lot like Christy Brinkley. Christy Brinkley is obviously a VERY ANGRY WOMAN. She even testified to that in court.

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