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Sunday, July 21, 2024

The Church of England and Relativism

Ever since the Church of England broke away from the Catholic Church, it had gotten itself from one crisis to another. This had led to a generation of breakaway churches that exist today, separate from the Church of England but have same liturgical activities. That most of these churches have similar rites of worship buttress the fact that they broke away for other reasons.

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Hot time, summer in the city

Decades ago the Lovin Spoonful sang of the allure of summer in the city. An overwhelming majority of Americans now live in metropolitan clusters. The newest of these are largely in the south and west and they especially are facing daunting challenges as they mimic the density of their eastern brethren.

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Obama should embrace McCain’s flip-flops as flexible

The accusation that one’s opponent is a flip-flopper has become a campaign staple. Obama’s soaring rhetoric of change has opened him to such charges from his more liberal supporters as well as from McCain and his operatives. Measure for measure McCain has a comparable number of flip-flops. Obama has a way to advance his standing by taking all but the most egregious flip-flops out of the campaign conversation.

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