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Friday, April 12, 2024

Former Senator Jesse Helms dies at 86

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Jesse Helms, a die-hard anti-communist firebrand who championed a wide range of conservative causes in his 30 years in the U.S. Senate, died early on Friday, aged 86, his foundation said.

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Obama mixes politics, holiday barbecue

BUTTE, Montana (Reuters) – Democrat Barack Obama mixed presidential politics with parades and barbecue on U.S. Independence Day on Friday, celebrating his daughter’s birthday with a picnic and fireworks in Montana.

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Panama says no to U.S. military base

PANAMA CITY (Reuters) – Panama has ruled out hosting a U.S. military base to replace one in Ecuador which is being reclaimed by the Quito government, a senior Panamanian official said on Friday.

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New Crusade – Eliminate Plastic!

All I wanted was a single can of soda. Couldn’t find it. Sure I could have bought a 24 pack of cans but a single can? Had to walk 12 blocks.

Why? All they had was plastic bottles.

Most people don’t realize that plastic is made of oil products! So I guess that means the price of these products packaged in plastic are going up as well.

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