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Monday, July 15, 2024

Obama and McCain and the show biz of talking tough on terrorism

Much is being made of the only electability strength John McCain seems to hold over Obama, that is, the belief he is stronger on homeland security. I have little doubt Obama has his response planned if there is a natural or man-made catastrophe prior to the election1. I can only hope that if such an event occurs it won’t propel McCain into the White House.

Americans are suckers for imagery. Tough talking usually trumps reason.

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Candidates Court Latino Leaders

Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) yesterday accused Republican Sen. John McCain of retreating from a comprehensive overhaul of immigration laws that the senator from Arizona had championed in Congress, contending that his rival for the White House “walked away” from his own legislation to win the GOP…

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Obama Plans Meetings With Leaders in Mideast, Europe

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama announced plans yesterday for a midsummer trip that will take him to the Middle East and Europe for firsthand observation and consultations with foreign leaders while providing him an opportunity to bolster his national security credentials for the fall…
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Poised for a Flip

Fewer than five months remain before the November election, and, slowly but surely, the outlines of the national playing field are coming into focus.

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Setback for Philadelphia Schools Plan

Six years ago, the Philadelphia School District embarked on what was considered the country’s boldest education privatization experiment, putting 38 schools under private management to see if the free market could educate children more efficiently than the government.

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