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Monday, February 26, 2024

It’s unity time in Unity, N.H.

Rivals turned allies, Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton made a display of unity Friday in a hamlet named for it, their first joint public appearance since the divisive Democratic primary race ended.

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America in 2008


I keep wondering why Bush went into Iraq. His axis of evil pointed to Saddam even if the rest of us had doubts. Or was it for the oil as McCain and many other Conservatives have admitted? Could it have come from his father’s agenda of forcing Democracy in the Middle East to make them appreciate America? Could it have come from the religious right to exterminate Islam?

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The Five That Couldn’t Shoot Straight

Justices Roberts, Scalia, Kennedy, Thomas and Alito have finally done it: They have deciphered the 221 year old enigma with respect to what the framers were actually thinking when they drafted the Second Amendment.
It all hangs on the following sentence:

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Congress approves Iraq war funds

The Senate passed a $162 billion war spending plan Thursday, sending to President Bush legislation that will pay for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan until the next president takes office.

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Most Clinton supporters back Obama

Barack Obama has won over more than half of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s former supporters, according to an Associated Press-Yahoo! News poll that finds party loyalty trumping hard feelings less than three weeks after their bruising Democratic presidential contest ended.

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A first step towards Democratic unity

When Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton step onstage in their first joint campaign appearance in New Hampshire, it will be the first public display of a rapprochement between former rivals hoping to set aside differences and unify the party while helping each other.

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Is America too racist to elect Obama?

Is America too racist to elect a black president?

That’s a question raised by a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll, which said 30 percent of Americans admit having feelings of racial prejudice. In a previous poll, only about two-thirds of whites said they would be "entirely comfortable" with a black president.

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