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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Loose change

As the Presidential campaign takes shape those still awake will remark at the ability of the two presumptive nominees to “nuance”, “refine” and “modify” the very positions and principles that attracted interest to them in the first place. Both Senators Obama and McCain claim they are agents of change. Seems that some of that change is falling to the ground.

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Brokaw will replace Russert…for now

Retired NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw will replace the late Tim Russert as interim moderator for Meet the Press until the November election, current news anchor Brian Williams announced today at the conclusion of the Sunday news talk show.

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McCain keeps screwing up

Call it campaign growing pains. Or bad luck. Or a combination of the two.

By any name, Sen. John McCain is hampered by missteps and self-generated controversy in the early days of the general election campaign for the White House.

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Is everything out of control?

Is everything spinning out of control? Midwestern levees are bursting. Polar bears are adrift. Gas prices are skyrocketing. Home values are abysmal. Air fares, college tuition and health care border on unaffordable. Wars without end rage in Iraq, Afghanistan and against terrorism.

Horatio Alger, twist in your grave.

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