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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Tim Russert: 1950-2008

Tim Russert, NBC’s Washington Bureau Chief and moderator of Meet The Press, died Friday of a massive heart attack while taping a segment of Sunday’s news interview program. He was 58.

His sudden and shocking death left many in Washington and the journalism profession stunned and searching for the right words.

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Tim Russert dies of heart attack

Tim Russert, a political lifer who made a TV career of his passion with unrelenting questioning of the powerful and influential, died of a heart attack Friday in the midst of a presidential campaign he’d covered with trademark intensity.

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Tentative accord on spy bill, immunity: sources

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – White House and congressional negotiators have reached a tentative agreement on an anti-terror spy bill that would permit court dismissal of potentially billions of dollars in lawsuits against phone companies, sources familiar with the talks said on Friday.

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McCain backs Bush, slams court’s Guantanamo ruling

PEMBERTON, New Jersey (Reuters) – John McCain on Friday lambasted the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to grant greater rights to prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, aligning himself with George W. Bush at a time when the unpopular president is seen as a political liability to his would-be Republican successor.

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McCain seen as best choice for economy

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s tax policies have given him an edge as the better man for the economy, various Wall Street experts said at this week’s Reuters Investment Outlook Summit.

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