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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

The death of an American hero

It with deepest sadness that I have to tell of the death of SEAL. His wife Dinah wrote to me this morning that SEAL died in his sleep on May 31st of the terrible cancer that was fought off until it went into his brain and it shut down. He was not in pain and I told his wife, I would invite here to share your comments with her.

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Obama’s VP dilemma

Now the real war begins and the question most strategists are asking about Barack Obama is: Can he win it without Hillary Clinton on the ticket?

Forty-eight years ago, John Kennedy faced the same dilemma with his chief opponent, Lyndon Johnson, and decided with a warning nudge from House Speaker Sam Rayburn that he couldn’t, despite the fact he loathed the Texas senator.

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Two cheers for Barack Obama

Sen. Barack Obama finally captured the Democratic presidential nomination on Tuesday. For this, he deserves two cheers from Americans from coast to coast.

First, Obama secured this country’s chief domestic priority for 2008: denying Sen. Hillary Clinton the presidency. Obama has earned the eternal gratitude of millions of relieved Americans who understand how calamitous a Hillary Clinton administration would have been. She combines ruthless ambition, a pathological sense of entitlement, and the ethical restraint of Richard Nixon’s “White House plumbers” unit.

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Forcing America to confront race

Keisha Brown, 21, of Chicago, exultant after Barack Obama secured the Democratic nomination, told The Washington Post, “Everything will be different now.”

Oh dear.

There will be five months of grueling campaigning before we vote. There might be a town hall meeting every week until the end of August, if Obama accepts McCain’s challenge. And there will much soul searching by Americans.

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Who’s minding our nukes?

As the reasons come out behind Defense secretary Robert Gates’ shakeup of the top Air Force command, the questions comes to mind: What took him so long?

A classified report to Gates found that the Air Force’s lax stewardship of our land-based and airborne nuclear arsenal is “a problem that has been identified but not effectively addressed for over a decade.”

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