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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

For Hillary Clinton the ultimate psychological challenge: fast tracking the five stages of grief

The Democratic Party doesn’t have the luxury of affording Hillary Clinton the time she needs to fully resolve the loss of her dream to be president because this was a primary, not a general election where she would have months or years to lick her wounds. The party needs her now at her best to assure a victory for McCain whether she runs for vice president or uses all the power of persuasion she can bring to bear to keep her 18 million supporters from defecting to McCain.

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A lackluster concession at best

A reluctant Hillary Rodham Clinton kept a hall full of supporters and the nation waiting for 45 minutes to finally bring her futile campaign for President to a long overdue end.

She climbed onto the stage at the National Building Museum in Washington more than 45 minutes late for the speech scheduled at noon.

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