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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Rezko scandal can still hurt Obama

A day after Barack Obama sealed the Democratic nomination for president, a corruption scandal involving a fundraiser who once bankrolled his campaign resurfaced to slightly dampen the festivities.

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GOP crossover helps Obama

Illinois Sen. Barack Obama cinched the Democratic presidential nomination this week with the unprecedented help of an estimated 3 million Republican voters who cast ballots in their rival party’s primaries.

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Dems to Hillary: ‘Give it up!’

Her path to the nomination inevitable no more, Hillary Rodham Clinton plans to announce she is ending her groundbreaking candidacy and supporting Barack Obama, her rival in a presidential quest for the ages.

Clinton prepared to declare Saturday that she is backing the Illinois senator after Democratic congressional colleagues made clear they had no stomach for a protracted intraparty battle once Obama secured the 2,118 delegates necessary to clinch the nomination.

A presidential contender who announced 17 months ago that she was “in it to win it,” the former first lady plans to end her quest with a more humble plea for party unity.

In truth, she had little choice.

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