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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Dems have high hopes for Ohio

Republicans stepping down from office, President Bush’s unpopularity, and a struggling economy are combining to make Ohio fertile ground for a Democratic Party hoping to expand its majority in Congress.

Three of the 11 Ohio congressional districts that are currently represented by Republicans — in the Cincinnati, Columbus, and Canton areas — are being aggressively courted by Democrats.

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Doug Thompsons` departure

Doug T. Your presence is missed already. I always Appreciated your Articles. You are a straight-shooter and pull no punches When Putting The Truth Out here to your Fellow Patriots. I wish you well in any new endeavor ..But do Hope you Visit us Often. We need Your Brand of Reality to jolt us out of The sense of futility that dealing with This present Guvmt.

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Throwing bad money after bad

Hot on the heels of its $307 billion farm-subsidy orgy, Congress barely caught its breath before plunging back into another multibillion-dollar spend-a-thon. The next targets of its affection are mortgage holders, soon to be seduced with other people’s money.

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Obama campaign used party rules to foil Clinton

WASHINGTON (AP) — Unlike Hillary Rodham Clinton, rival Barack Obama planned for the long haul. Clinton hinged her whole campaign on an early knockout blow on Super Tuesday, while Obama’s staff researched congressional districts in states with primaries that were months away. What they found were opportunities to win delegates, even in states they would eventually lose….

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