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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Obama is not my first choice but he’s better than the other choices!

Senator Obama is not my first choice but he’s better than the other choices!

Bill Clinton is not my first choice but he was a better choice than the other choices!

I can go on and on.

I have yet to see an election that had my first choices from either party get the nomination.

So what! So it means that I have to vote for the lesser of 2 evils.

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Democratic leaders: ‘End this thing’

Top Democratic leaders intend to push for a quick end to the battle for the presidential nomination when primaries are over next week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Thursday, adding that he, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and party chairman Howard Dean will urge uncommitted delegates to choose sides.

“By this time next week, it will all be over give or take a day,” Reid said of the marathon race between the front-running Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Obama is within 44 delegates of clinching the nomination, according to The Associated Press tally, and leads Clinton by roughly 200 delegates.

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Is it past time for Hillary to end it?

Hillary Clinton says she’s still in it to win it.

Although pundits and political observers say there’s almost no way she can wrest the Democratic presidential nomination from Barack Obama, Clinton is still campaigning. She even raised controversy recently when she invoked the June 1968 assassination of Robert F. Kennedy to note that previous nominating campaigns extended into the summer.

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More pastor problems for Obama

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said Thursday that he was “deeply disappointed” by a supporter’s sermon at his church that mocked Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The Rev. Michael Pfleger, a Chicago activist, also apologized for last Sunday’s sermon at Obama’s church, in which he said Clinton’s eyes welled with tears before the New Hampshire primary because she felt “entitled” to the Democratic nomination and because “there’s a black man stealing my show.”

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McClellan: Turn coat or truth seeker?

Presidential spokesmen traditionally have worn cloaks of loyalty to their graves. But are they really honor-bound to toe the party line after they leave the White House?

Some former White House spokesmen think Bush’s one-time press secretary, Scott McClellan, should have stepped down if he really believed, as he says in his new book, that Bush “signed off on a strategy for selling the war that was less than candid and honest.”

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Hillary can learn lesson from McClellan

Hillary Clinton could learn something from Scott McClellan, the former White House press secretary who bit the hand that stopped feeding him.

McClellan came to Washington as a close aide to President George W. Bush and became his chief spokesman until a new chief of staff ushered McClellan out the door, basically suggesting he was ineffective.

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Did McClellan hurt Bush or himself?

Scott McClellan, a failed, former press secretary for President Bush, has written a book detailing various outrages the administration supposedly committed and that he helped facilitate, and in the process has badly smirched someone’s reputation. His own.

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The selling out of the President

Former White House press secretary Scott McClellan has given new meaning to the word loyalty. Actually, the longtime Texas ally of George W. Bush has redefined it to stand for something entirely the opposite of Webster’s version.

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