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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Doug Thompson’s departure

I responded no to the survey. Not because I would not fully support Mr. Thompson; but I truly understand when a person decides they need to move on. Let the man be. I’m sure he will always remain on the fringes.

To Doug – thanks for such wonderful work in everything you do.

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Is the IRS legal?

Is the Internal Revenue Service legal? Yes! This lack of ratifying the 16th Amendment is a fraud that has been found in the Federal Courts over and over sending many people to federal prison on fraud. “We the People” caused the fraud and many Americans are being told they do not have to pay their taxes.

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Subpeona Scott McClellan!

Subpeona Scott McClellan! While he’s alive and available to tell the truth!

Who knows he might just disappear and end up some place labeled a terrorist with intent to harm GW & company never to be heard from again because of the Patriot Act.

I’d be more inclined to worry about Scott’s safety, who by the way has no secret service protection, than any of the candidates for POTUS.

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Annals of forensic psychology: The “this is not the Scott McClellan we knew” line of defense.”

Defenders of George W. Bush have settled upon the most outlandish "best defense is a good offense" approach in response to former press secretary Scott McClellan’s damning insider look at the propaganda machine he was a part of. Their responses , as a defense of the adminstration, are an exercise in distraction. However, it may not change the fact that exploiting the gullibility of a large portion of the American public always worked for them before.

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A peek inside Bush’s house of lies

Scott McClellan, President Bush’s famously loyal and tight-lipped press secretary, recalled that “I promised reporters and the public that I would someday tell the whole story of what I knew.” Did he ever. He was not just blowing smoke.

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Paying for our gas pains

Let’s see. A key measure of consumer confidence dropped this month to its lowest level in 16 years, “as Americans grew more concerned about their jobs and more pessimistic about business conditions.”

Meanwhile, “Oil prices have doubled in the past 12 months, surging nearly $8 a barrel in the past four days (since Tuesday) alone.” Both of these stories ran on

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Bullying our way to world peace

What we need in this country is a new definition of toughness. As one who is very tough himself in ways that are not obvious, I am ideally positioned to describe the qualities of the new toughness that should become the model for our leaders.

As it is, when Americans think toughness they think swagger. For example, our current president long ago adopted the Texas swagger, a popular genre for would-be swaggerers, although connoisseurs detect in the presidential swagger a hint of the Eastern Prep School Stroll and the Ivy League Strut — that certain flexing of the shoulders signaling that the swaggerer’s daddy has more money than your daddy or at least belongs to a better country club.

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It’s hard to arrest a Congressman

Campaigning under the cloud of federal investigations is tough enough, but could Sen. Ted Stevens or Rep. Don Young have the added worries of an indictment before they face the voters of Alaska?

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