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Saturday, January 28, 2023

High gas prices force driver cutbacks

Americans, notorious for their love of the open road, are cutting back on gasoline consumption as prices at the pump continue to break records.

During the week leading up to the Memorial Day holiday, the traditional start of vacation season, Americans pumped 5.5 percent less gasoline than a year ago as average prices hit a peak $3.84 a gallon, MasterCard Advisors said in a report.

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Bush intentionally lied about Iraq

President Bush’s former press secretary says President George W. Bush intentionally lied about the reasons for invading Iraq and about so-called “progress” in that war-torn country.

Scott McClellan says Bush relied on “propaganda” instead of fact to mislead the American public about his failed Iraq war.

The White House fired back Wednesday by claiming McClellan is “disgruntled.”

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Its All A Question Of Getting Enlightened

When I was in junior high school, my friend wrote a novel and sent it to Longmans’ for publication. They sent it back to him asking him to simplify it. They wanted it published under the children’s category but the language is a bit above kid level. Well, he did simplify it but they wanted him to simplify it more. He told me that he can no longer to it.

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Obama competitive against McCain with key voters

WASHINGTON (AP) — Barack Obama is competing strongly against Republican John McCain for women, Catholics and other groups that have shunned him in the Democratic primaries but will be pivotal in this fall’s presidential race, early polling shows….

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