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Friday, September 22, 2023

Hillary Clinton: It’s about Malia Ann and Sasha Obama. Barack is too classy to tell you.

I wonder if Hillary Clinton could even name the Obama children. Barack is too classy to suggest she needs to apologize because Malia Ann (age 10) and Natasha ("Sasha" age 7) might find out that she brought up the chance that "Daddy might get killed".

The Daily News featured her OpEd ("Why I continue to run"), which provided her a second chance to apologize to Barack Obama and his family. She didn’t. According to Terry McAuliffe and Howard Wolfson, she has no reason to do so:

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Clinton looks past assassination comments

HORMIGUEROS, Puerto Rico (Reuters) – Hillary Clinton’s campaign prepared for its next big test as it tried on Sunday to move away from her controversial remarks about the assassination of Robert Kennedy 40 years ago.

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Obama pays tribute to liberal Edward Kennedy

MIDDLETOWN, Connecticut (Reuters) – U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama, seen by some as the heir to the Kennedy family legacy, praised Sen. Edward Kennedy as a champion for the poor and struggling, as he stepped in for the ailing Massachusetts senator at a graduation ceremony.

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A return to the Libertarian Party

After giving considerable thought, I have decided to return to the Libertarian Party. I left before when they watered down their platform to give in to the religious right. I watched the opening speeches last night for the LP Conference in Denver and found a new energy coming from the party.

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Obama urges Wesleyan grads to enter public service

MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (AP) — Filling in for Sen. Edward M. Kennedy and tying himself to the family’s legacy, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama urged college graduates Sunday to “make us believe again” by dedicating themselves to public service….

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