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Saturday, January 28, 2023

No Congressman for VP spot

With control of Congress so important in the next few years, I highly doubt that anyone who is currently a senator or representative will be chosen for a VP spot.

Neither party will want to give up a seat in Congress and with 2 Senators as nominees, the last thing they will want to stink up the ticket with is another member of Congress.

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It’s time to lighten up around here.

I understand that this is a serious election. It’s bad enough that we have had 8 years of the worst president in the entire history of the USA. But now it’s even more important that we don’t elect John McCain who will CHAMPION BUSH’S FAILED POLICIES FOR 4 MORE YEARS.

So It’s time for a little humor. I laughed so hard when I read this, I almost bust a gutt. Enjoy!

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Obama eyes media with promise of antitrust push

PENDLETON, Oregon (Reuters) – Democrat Barack Obama said on Sunday he would pursue a vigorous antitrust policy if he becomes U.S. president and singled out the media industry as one area where government regulators would need to be watchful as consolidation increases.

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Obama, Clinton pros start merger talks

As Barack Obama continues his inevitable march towards the Democratic Presidential nomination and Hillary Clinton ignores the obvious, the political professionals involved in both campaigns are starting to work towards a merger of campaigns to try and salvage a win in the November general election.

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A bumper crop of subsidies

The farm bill’s failings have been well documented. It is hugely expensive; it benefits wealthy farmers and agribusinesses already profiting from record high farm prices. It extends subsidies into new areas — fruits, vegetables, racehorses, salmon; further distorts markets — by diverting heavily subsidized sugar into heavily subsidized ethanol production, for example.

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