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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Clinton’s women wonder ‘if’ and ‘when?’

Philipina Heintzman, 81, drove 80 miles across the South Dakota prairie to experience history in the making: a woman running for president, something she never dreamed as a child that she would live to see.

That event, a Hillary Rodham Clinton rally in Bath on Thursday, also marked history unraveling.

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Sen. Kennedy recovering after seizure

Out of immediate danger, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy remained hospitalized as doctors worked to determine what caused one of the nation’s best-known senators to suffer a seizure in his Cape Cod home.

Kennedy, 76, the lone surviving son in a famed political family, was flown Saturday morning to a Boston hospital after becoming ill and being treated at the emergency room of Cape Cod Hospital.

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Obama heads for the finish line

Attempting to lay a symbolic claim to his party’s presidential nomination, Democrat Barack Obama will mark the latest round of primary voting with a rally in Iowa, where his solid win in January caucuses propelled him to his status as the front-runner.

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Bush is not an American

Some of the die-hard, rabid right-wingers who still support George W.
Bush’s immoral and illegal actions tried recently to overload my email
system by flooding it with bitches and moans about recent columns about
their poster boy for destruction of the constitution.

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