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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Edwards endorsement boosts Obama

Democratic front-runner Barack Obama has scored a coup in his White House nominating battle against Hillary Clinton by winning the high-profile endorsement of blue-collar champion John Edwards.

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The ugly reality of racism

A telling point about white, working class voters and how some of them will vote when (and it looks like when, not if) Sen. Barack Obama becomes the Democratic nominee was made in an article in this week’s Washington Post.

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Words and underlying racism

When Hillary Clinton claimed last week that Barack Obama was having trouble getting the votes of “hard working Americans, white Americans,” much speculation ensued about whether she was intentionally exploiting classic racist beliefs about the supposed laziness of African Americans.

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And now a word from our sponsors

Everything is for sale, and this summer’s Democratic National Convention in Denver is no exception.

More than four dozen national corporations have signed up as sponsors of the convention — everyone from Allstate to Xerox. And almost all of them have the same thing in common: They either have business with the federal government or they lobby on pending issues.

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The list of convention sponsors

Organizations that have committed to sponsor both the Democratic National Convention in Denver and the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis and some of the issues they have lobbied on:

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