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Thursday, July 18, 2024

The Last Straw!

I was actually having as nice a day as is ever possible in a fascist police state when I happened to notice the headline:

"Bob Barr To Run For President As Libertarian"

That’s just what we need, folks.

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Clinton’s win doesn’t mean much

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s shellacking of Barack Obama in the West Virginia primary Tuesday may burnish her image as a champion of the economically disadvantaged and bolster her determination to campaign through the final contests. But it does little to alter the unforgiving political landscape she faces.

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Clinton cruises to meaningless win

Hillary Rodham Clinton coasted to a large but largely symbolic victory in working-class West Virginia on Tuesday, handing Barack Obama one of the worst defeats of the campaign yet scarcely slowing his march toward the Democratic presidential nomination.

“The White House is won in the swing states. And I am winning the swing states,” Clinton told cheering supporters at a victory rally.

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Clinton scores big West Virginia win

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Hillary Clinton scored a big victory over front-runner Barack Obama in West Virginia on Tuesday, slowing Obama’s march to the Democratic presidential nomination but making barely a dent in his sizable lead.

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