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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Superdelegates, independents moving to Obama

Barack Obama’s march toward the Democratic presidential nomination picked up support from four more superdelegates Wednesday, pushing him ever closer to victory over Hillary Rodham Clinton — even as their primary marathon staggered on.

She added two superdelegates herself in what has become the last big contest as their race winds toward a finish.

There are just 217 delegates to be chosen in the final six primaries, and neither candidate can win enough of them to claim final victory. Meanwhile, 265 additional delegates — the party elders and other “superdelegates” — have yet to be claimed, and their support will be the deciding factor.

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A tale of two McCains

On television Tuesday, a presidential candidate I know well was blasting the Senate’s “shabby treatment” of judicial nominees and basking in virtue for having voted to confirm presidential picks despite differences with their philosophies.

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Going to war over war bill

Congressional Democrats are heading toward another confrontation with President Bush and this time they’re hoping they might finally win one. Don’t bet on it.

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Flying the not-so-friendly skies

An old commercial for an airline we can’t remember depicted first class as the place of champagne and revelry while business class passengers brought picnic baskets, chickens and their clothes wrapped in bundles. If we’re not mistaken, first class might even have been shown in color while business class was in drab and depressing black and white.

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A breakdown on national TV

The science fiction writer Theodore Sturgeon famously observed that “90 percent of everything is crap.” His aphorism was intended to defend science fiction from the charge that most of it is bad. Sturgeon’s point — since formalized as Sturgeon’s Law — is that such criticism is empty, since it applies with equal force to every form of writing.

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