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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Farm law overhaul completed, veto possible

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Facing a possible veto, House and Senate negotiators agreed on a $285 billion farm bill on Wednesday that puts more money into public feeding programs and denies one crop subsidy program to the wealthiest Americans.

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Hillary Clinton hoping for late comeback

SHEPHERDSTOWN, West Virginia (Reuters) – Hillary Clinton pressed ahead with her come-from-behind presidential bid on Wednesday, putting a brave face on a slim victory in Indiana and vowing to fight on until the last Democratic nominating contest concludes.

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Obama gains superdelegates, Clinton vows to stay in race

WASHINGTON (AP) — Barack Obama pocketed the support of at least four Democratic convention superdelegates on Wednesday, building on the momentum from a convincing North Carolina primary victory. Rival Hillary Rodham Clinton vowed to remain in the race “until there’s a nominee.”…

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McCain backs incentives to boost offshore oil

ROCHESTER, Michigan (Reuters) – Republican U.S. presidential candidate John McCain said on Wednesday he would support incentives to encourage states to develop potential oil fields but would not try to force them to exploit potential resources, especially in environmentally sensitive areas.

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Please. Please. May I be the nominee?

I know how to defeat John McCain and the steal-and-spend Republicans who are going to be riding on his very soiled coat-tails.

Make me the Democratic nominee and I will have the convention pick Lilly Ledbetter as my running mate. That would guarantee a win in November.

I hear a muffled cry, “Who the HELL is Lilly Ledbetter?”

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U.S. wants to finish Doha round on Bush’s watch: Schwab

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Bush administration wants to finish the Doha round of world trade talks before it leaves office in January 2009, but advanced developing countries like Brazil, China and India must open their markets as part of the deal, the top U.S. trade official said on Wednesday.

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