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Monday, February 6, 2023

George W. Bush salutes Kansas town

GREENSBURG, Kansas (Reuters) – President George W. Bush saluted a graduating high school class and its small town on Sunday for rebounding from a killer tornado that ripped apart its homes, businesses and churches but not its faith.

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More of the same means none of the above

Sadly, the 2008 race for President has devolved into the same, useless morass that gives voters little choice, little hope and little reason to go to the polls.

It makes many of us wish "none of the above" was an option on the ballot come November.

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Ruthless opportunist or gritty pol?

There’s little middle ground when it comes to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

You either love her or you hate her. What some see as grit and determination is viewed as ruthless and opportunistic by others.

She is a polarizing political figure to her opponents and a messiah for 21st century feminism to those who support her.

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