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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Rev. Wright’s spastic black marching band imitation a fitting finale to his moment of TV glory.

I just watched the Wright segment that Steven Colbert chose to show on his late night show. It was him demonstrating the marching styles of what he would have you think are exclusively white college marching bands with those of Grambling and of Florida A and M.

He described the "white bands" as marching "in excellent European precision" (and obviously many of them don’t) and then got all loosey goosey and sing songy as he did a weird imitation of the jive and jazzy marching style of the mostly black college’s bands.

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McCain pushes choice as health care fix

TAMPA, Florida (Reuters) – Republican presidential candidate John McCain called on Tuesday for greater competition for health care coverage for Americans, saying more choices for insurance will drive down costs and improve the system.

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Jeremiah Wright and Miley Cyrus

On Monday, I defended some of the controversial remarks made by Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Democratic Presidential frontrunner Barack Obama’s bombastic former pastor.

Then I watched Wright’s disgusting, self-serving “all about me” performance at the National Press Club in Washington.

I was wrong about Wright.

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Did Barack Obama finally do the Wright thing?

On Monday, the pundits said Rev. Jeremiah Wright threw Democratic Presidential frontrunner Barack Obama under the proverbial political bus with more lurid comments about the sad state of affairs in a place called America.

On Tuesday, Obama disowned his former minister and now the same pundits say the candidate tossed the preacher under the same bus.

Sure is getting crowded underneath that Greyhound.

Has Obama finally done right on Wright? Can he put the mouth that roared behind him? Or did his denunciation come too late?

The jury’s still out and polls are mixed.

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Why is the GOP ignoring Hillary?

As far as Republians are concerned, Democratic frontrunner Barack Obama is the nominee John McCain will face in November and Hillary Rodham Clinton is an also-ran, an afterthought worthy of neither consideration or resources to oppose.

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Al Franken is a big, fat tax cheater

Al Franken, the Rush Limbaugh of the left wing, is finding out the glare of the political spotlight can raise questions about his own honesty and integrity.

Frankin, the comedian turned politician, will have to pay at least $70,000 in back taxes to states he stiffed and is also paying a $25,000 fine to the state of New York for failure to carry workers’ compensation insurance.

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The down on the farm bill

When President Bush took office, one of his early orders of business was the 2002 renewal of the farm bill. He had idealistic plans to slash taxpayer farm subsidies and place income limits on those who could receive those subsidies.

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So, where are all the illegals?

A fence along our border with Mexico may seem like a solution to our illegal-immigration problem, but it’s a sideshow, a distraction from the thorniest of immigration issues: the 12 million or so illegal immigrants who already live here.

Who are these 12 million people? I decided to ask one of them.

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