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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Pelosi seeks economic recovery bill for Colombia deal

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Bush administration and Congress need to agree on new legislation to create jobs and boost economic growth before lawmakers can approve a free trade agreement with Colombia, House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Wednesday.

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McCain demands withdrawal of anti-Obama ad

INEZ, Kentucky (Reuters) – Republican presidential candidate John McCain on Wednesday demanded the North Carolina Republican Party withdraw an advertisement critical of Democrat Barack Obama over his controversial pastor.

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Destroying the Democratic party

Hillary Clinton’s win over Democratic Presidential frontrunner Barack Obama in the Pennsylvania primary Tuesday shows the race for the top job in Washington is far from over and may well go to the party’s convention in Denver.

Clinton has come back from media-perceived political grave more times than Dracula and the comparison is not coincidental. Her critics feel she is the chief bloodsucker in a political system dominated by opportunistic vampires.

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The secret dynamic of some white male blue collar Clinton support

Most white Democratic women support Hillary. They see her as the first of their gender to break this, the ultimate American glass ceiling for women. Their husbands and brothers may support her for one or both of two very different reasons.

One, they simply don’t want to vote for a (half) black person, something that has been discussed by analysts. I won’t address that here. Another reason seems to have been ignored. This is that they just can’t conceive of Hill really being the boss of Bill * if she gets elected.

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Even with win, Clinton still the underdog

Still the underdog in a contest that won’t quit, Hillary Rodham Clinton pulled off a feisty act of political survival in the Pennsylvania primary, defeating Barack Obama to keep her Democratic presidential hopes alive.

The New York senator’s comfortable win sends the race on to North Carolina, where the flush-with-money Obama is favored; and Indiana, where the two are close.

Obama was able to stave off an eyebrow-arching blowout by Clinton even while falling short in his effort to bring the polarizing competition effectively to a close. Clinton beat him by about 10 points.

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PA exit polls: Whites, blue-collar voters stick with Clinton

WASHINGTON (AP) — Working-class white voters rallied around Hillary Rodham Clinton on Tuesday as she kept her candidacy alive with a victory in Pennsylvania’s presidential primary. Barack Obama won among Democrats who had newly flocked to the party for the day’s showdown and scored even stronger than usual with blacks….

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