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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Clinton says she’s the toughest

Pushing for a strong win to keep her White House hopes alive, Democrat Hillary Clinton touted her toughness on Monday ahead of a showdown with presidential rival Barack Obama in Pennsylvania.

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White male vote is key in Pennsylvania

Travis Frantti knocks on the front door, ready to make his pitch for Hillary Rodham Clinton. It’s the final weekend before Tuesday’s presidential primary in Pennsylvania, and he and his mother are out canvassing in suburban Pittsburgh, a printout of persuadable Democrats and a stack of campaign literature in hand.

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Break the matrix

Trevor Lyman, the man behind Ron Paul’s "moneybombs" of last fall, has started a new organization to challenge the mainstream media’s stranglehold on information and news.

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Obama’s got cash, Clinton has debts

Barack Obama began the month of April with a 5-1 cash advantage over a debt-saddled Hillary Rodham Clinton, setting the stage for his lopsided spending in the crucial primary state of Pennsylvania.

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It’s the economy, stupid, but…

The economy has soared past Iraq as the top problem on the minds of voters.

But do the growing economic worries give a particular edge to any presidential candidate? Not so far, according to an Associated Press-Yahoo News poll released Monday.

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Clinton needs ‘blowout’ to salvage race

With time, numbers and momentum running against her, Hillary Clinton needs a “blowout” victory in Pennsylvania to keep her Democratic Presidential race alive.

The odds are against her.

Obama has a lead of more than 800,000 votes and a substantial delegate lead and Clinton appears unlikely to overtake the Illinois Senator in either category.

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