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Monday, December 11, 2023

Hillary Clinton On Southern Working Class Whites In 1995: “Screw ‘Em”

April 16, 2008 02:21 PM
Sam Stein

During the past week, Sen. Hillary Clinton has presented herself as a working class populist, the politician in touch with small town sentiments, compared to the elitism of her opponent, Sen. Barack Obama.

But a telling anecdote from her husband’s administration shows Hillary Clinton’s attitudes about the “lunch-bucket Democrats” are not exactly pristine.

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WWZD – What Would Zappa do?

Many people in the musical know are familiar with the works of the late Frank Zappa – an extraordinary musician and composer who expanded the boundaries of musical expression. Often forgotten about Mr. Zappa, was his razor-sharp political and social acumen and his ability to say some insightful, sometimes profound, things when he was interviewed by the media.

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Starbucks’ New Blue-Collar Coffee — In a Word: Bitter

Anybody who has tried Starbucks’ new blue-collar coffee called Pike Place will notice that it is, in a word, bitter. Now, I don’t want my words to sound as if they are coming from an elitist, so let me qualify my remark.

I am not a coffee connisseur. I only recently learned that that quality of Starbuck coffee which I had always called “smoky” was in fact “over-roasted”.

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