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Monday, February 26, 2024

CNN Is Doing the Twist. Again.

By Maggie Van Ostrand

Remember when CNN relentlessly showed the Rev Wright clip, you all know the one, ad infinitum, like there was nothing else happening in the entire world? It was aired minute after minute, hour after hour, week in and week out. “Enough already” shouted a weary nation.

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Bush Raises Cash for GOP

CRAWFORD, Texas (AP) — President Bush thanked some of the Republican Party’s biggest spenders Texas-style on Friday, honoring them with a barbecue supper at a ranch next to his….

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Bill Clinton: Manufacturing Can Return

ROANOKE RAPIDS, N.C. (AP) — Former President Bill Clinton, campaigning in a former mill town struggling with job losses, said Friday the United States can bring back the manufacturing industry – as long as the nation can enforce trade laws….

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Clinton Outlines Anti-Crime Plan

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton would eliminate the federal mandatory five-year sentence for crack cocaine users as part of a $4 billion-a-year anti-crime initiative designed, in part, to steer many nonviolent offenders away from prison….

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Clinton Misstates Wife’s Bosnia Tale

WASHINGTON (AP) — Former President Clinton has added to the falsehoods surrounding his wife’s tale of her trip to Bosnia 12 years ago. In Indiana on Thursday, Bill Clinton defended his wife’s mistake in claiming that she landed under sniper fire in Bosnia, accusing the media of treating her like “she’d robbed a bank” for confusing the facts….

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