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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Supremes will weigh in on gun rights

The Supreme Court will Tuesday begin weighing an individual’s right to bear arms against a community’s right to restrict gun ownership for public safety, an emotional issue that has long divided Americans.

The conservative-leaning court’s first decision on gun ownership in almost 70 years is expected to have a far reaching impact on US gun control laws, experts say.

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FBI terror watch list filled with errors

The FBI gave outdated, incomplete and inaccurate information about terror suspects to be added to the government’s watchlist for nearly three years despite steps taken to prevent errors, a Justice Department audit concludes.

Responding, an FBI spokesman said gaps identified in the system should be fixed within six months.

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In politics, stupid is as stupid does

For years my nomination for the “Dumbest Politician” award was a Georgia state senator who decided the illegal-drug business was the way to riches. The senator, a rotund man who nearly always had a big cigar in his mouth except when he was eating (think Boss Hogg in “The Dukes of Hazard”), arranged to meet two undercover cops he thought were South American drug kingpins.

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Bill Clinton’s phony black friends

Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton should be leery of ever trusting the word of another black person, especially the word of elected officials, celebrities and other elites. She most certainly should never again trust the word of black preachers.

Too many blacks have betrayed Clinton. They have been disloyal. They have lied to her, many to her face.

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A victory for Petraeus

The sudden exit of Adm. William Fallon from his post as the top U.S. military chief in the Middle East and Central Asia constituted a major victory in Pentagon politics for Army Gen. David Petraeus, who had bucked Fallon’s desire to begin a steady withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.

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Can Obama bridge the racial divide?

Democratic presidential frontrunner Barack Obama, hammered by both the right wing and his own party opponent on racial issues, will try today to distance himself from incendiary comments made by both former and current pastors of his church.

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N.Y. Gov, wife screwed around

New York Gov. David Paterson, sworn in Monday to take over the job when former Gov. Eliot Spitzer got caught messing with a prostitute, admitted that both he and his wife had extra-marital affairs during a “rough patch” in their marriage in recent years.

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