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Sunday, July 21, 2024

Florida dumps plans for do-over primary

Cementing its reputation as a political spoiler, Florida Monday scrapped plans for a “do-over” primary, leaving the decision of what to do with a primary that didn’t count up to the national party and the upcoming Democratic convention in Denver.

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Bush’s War, Five Years On

Unless the economy disintegrates entirely, President Bush’s chief legacy will almost certainly be the war in Iraq — or, more accurately, the violent occupation of Iraq — that enters its sixth year later this week.

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Not Helping the Situation

“BREAKING NEWS: Bush says administration is ‘on top of the situation’ in dealing with the economy ”

If GW says he is on top of the situation then we are in BIG TROUBLE! He has literally FU’D EVERYTHING he has touched. You can’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth. He’s obviously been drinking again.

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Bush’s legacy: An America in decline

President Bush’s unilateral decision to invade Iraq five years ago has not only cost America power, influence and prestige but has also plunged the nation into economic chaos and left America with lagging morale and hope for the future.

That’s the conclusion of an increasing number of bipartisan observers, backed by surveys, studies and examinations of a nation in trouble.

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Politics, Gold and the Economy

Like many Americans, rising fuel and food prices have been a growing concern. While our fearless leaders and their media minions tell us the economy is just fine, former Fed chairman Greenspan runs around the world telling everyone else to dump the dollar.

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