In a Time of Universal Deceit, Telling the Truth is Revolutionary.
Saturday, December 3, 2022

Too Bad…

For months, during the most important and competetive phase of the Republican Primary, the one candidate with the knowledge and experience to lead us away from depression was cast aside and literally blacklisted. Now, with the economy on the verge of collapse and the nomination handed to Senator McCain by default, everyone suddenly wants to hear what Ron Paul has to say.

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Sex, Lies, and Black is White

The most remarkable and depressing thing about Spitzer’s resignation is learning that he is a quitter. Better we learn it now than if and when he might have gotten to the White House.

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Olbermann rips Clinton & Ferraro

Was MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann right or wrong on his comments about Hillary Clinton’s handling of Geraldine Ferraro’s comments and other charges of racism in her campaign?

Watch the video of his comments Wednesday night and make up your own mind. Then tell us what you think.

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Another fine mess we’ve gotten into

Perhaps it’s a good thing that Sens. John McCain, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama are preoccupied with running for president because if they were involved in the budget debate back in Washington they might decide they don’t want the job.

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Too much baloney from Republicans

Once the Democrats decide what to do about the Michigan and Florida kerfuffle, who wins the Pennsylvania and Puerto Rico primaries, how the superdelegates weigh in and whether or not the issue goes to a brokered convention, they will have a nominee.

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The issue of security: Which side is right?

Al Qaeda and other militant Islamist groups live in a shadow world where they plot to kill you and me. If we expect our intelligence professionals to prevent them from succeeding, we must give them the tools required to get the job done.

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Disrupting political caucuses

Search the Web for “caucus disruptions” and allegations of caucus-vote disruptions lodged against supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton predominate among the first 20 links that come up. I have obtained a copy of a memo written by a Clinton campaign volunteer in Washington state intended only for other Clinton volunteers in subsequent caucus states (specifically for Texas campaign volunteers). It warns them of “caucus disruption strategies” by supporters of Sen. Barack Obama.

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Did the Feds target Spitzer?

As Richard Nixon used to say, let me make something perfectly clear: Eliot Spitzer is a world-class hypocrite and fool, who more or less asked for the political and personal catastrophe that has befallen him.

That being said, the real Spitzer scandal has little to do with his apparent habit of paying young women for sex. Here’s what really needs to be investigated:

Spitzer’s fall was triggered not by his visits to prostitutes, but by banks reporting “suspicious” transactions of his to the IRS.

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The naked truth about political life

The other day an unpaid foreign policy adviser for Barack Obama called Hillary Clinton a “monster.” In a political age when every word is automatically taken literally, this caused a monstrous stir. It has calmed down a bit since the pants fell off New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s dignity, but I think this bears more examination.

Apologists might say that the loose-tongued Samantha Power, who resigned over her comment, was not suggesting that Hillary was a real monster. It was merely a figure of speech. It was, however, very rude of her.

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