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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Did you kill Larry King?

On February 12 one troubled teenage boy ended the life of another with two shots to the head. Lawrence King, 15, paid the ultimate price for being effeminate and gay. Did you help pull the trigger?

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Why Florida Mail-In primary is a bad idea

Although MSM forgot to mention these facts, the State of New York is still counting and recounting ballots. Every review or recount results in Hillary losing votes and Barack gaining them. California just added two more delegates to Barack’s column because of “errors” in the initial counting. Texas caucus and primary reviews find pro-Hillary errors, and possible fraud by Hillary staffers in some caucus voting. Ohio results are being reviewed and Barack stands to win more votes in that state as well.

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McCain’s anger management problem

Republican Sen. John McCain, showing a flash of the temper he is known for, repeatedly cut off a reporter Friday when asked whether he had spoken to Democratic Sen. John Kerry about being his vice president in 2004. “Everybody knows that I had a private conversation. Everybody knows that, that I had a conversation,” McCain told the reporter. “And you know it, too. No. You know it, too. No. You do know. You do know.”

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More adviser headaches for Obama

A former adviser to Barack Obama who resigned Friday after calling rival Hillary Rodham Clinton “a monster” said Obama may not be able to withdraw all U.S. combat troops from Iraq within a year as he has promised on the campaign trail.

Samantha Power, a Pulitzer Prize-winner author and unpaid adviser, made the comments in two separate interviews with foreign media while promoting her latest book. In a tight Democratic presidential campaign where attacks are becoming increasingly bitter, Power’s comments ignited a flurry of accusations between the two candidates.

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Clinton, Obama square off in Wyoming

Sen. Barack Obama sought to regain lost momentum in Wyoming’s caucuses days after rival Hillary Rodham Clinton’s nearly clean sweep of major primaries in their tight Democratic presidential race.

Twelve national convention delegates are at stake Saturday in caucuses around the state, a small but critical prize in the close race for the party’s nod. The epic battle between Clinton and Obama has given the state’s Democrats — outnumbered more than 2-to-1 by Republicans — a relevancy they haven’t experienced in a presidential race in nearly 50 years.

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Bush will veto anti-waterboarding bill

President Bush is poised to veto legislation that would bar the CIA from using waterboarding — a technique that simulates drowning — and other harsh interrogation methods on terror suspects.

The president planned to talk about the veto in his Saturday radio address.

Bush has said the bill would harm the government’s ability to prevent future attacks. Supporters of the legislation argue that it preserves the United States’ right to collect critical intelligence while boosting the country’s moral standing abroad.

“The bill would take away one of the most valuable tools on the war on terror, the CIA program to detain and question key terrorist leaders and operatives,” deputy White House press secretary Tony Fratto said Friday.

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Hillary’s HeadOn strategy: We love your product but we hate your commercials

If you watch T.V. you’ve seen the commercials which capitalized on one of the most annoying commercials ever to air*. The idea behind them is that the product is so good that consumers will buy it despite the obnoxious way it used to be advertised. Clinton has her own version of this advertising approach.

I heard one commentator enhancing the throwing the kitchen sink description of depth to which her campaign has sunk by saying she’s not only throwing the kitchen sink but the garage disposal as well. How should the classy Obama respond to the flying Clinton Insinkerators?

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