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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Some of…

Senator Clinton’s victory in the recent Super Primaries seems to indicate that the Obama lustre is fading. Perhaps Lincoln’s truism that “You can fool some of the people some of the time, and all of the people some of the time; but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

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Why Haven’t We Been Attacked?

As his divisive presidency winds down, President Bush is increasingly calling attention to something he hopes everyone will give him credit for: There hasn’t been another terrorist attack on our shores since 9/11.

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Sewage-based fertilizer may be poisoning our food supply with govt’s blessing

Ap reports the following today:

Sewage-based fertilizer safety doubted

“It was a farm idea with a big payoff and supposedly no downside: ridding lakes and rivers of raw sewage and industrial pollution by converting it all into a free, nutrient-rich fertilizer. Then last week, a federal judge ordered the Agriculture Department to compensate a farmer whose land was poisoned by sludge from the waste treatment plant here. His cows had died by the hundreds.

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Don’t you just love it?

Don’t you just love it when big media types talk about Constitutional rights?

9/11 attacks harm First Amendment

“The shadow of the Sept. 11 terror attacks is eclipsing press freedom and other constitutional safeguards in the United States, Associated Press President and CEO Tom Curley said Thursday.

What has become clear in the aftermath of 9/11 is how much expediency trumps safeguards,” Curley said during the annual dinner of the Radio and Television News Directors Foundation.

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Media in America

This is something I need to get out I have been sitting on it for weeks and now I need others to realize what kind of media attention we have. Yesterday I watched for hours and hours about the two college students who were killed. I am saddened for those families and respect their loss. My issue comes in with the news coverage or “lack thereof” covering the 15yr old little boy in Oxnard, CA who was shot because he was gay. In America, “land of the free”, we have a huge problem. Parents are raising their kids to think it is ok to beat up or kill someone because of who they are.

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“Dirty Tricks” in Michigan and Florida

There’s another wrinkle in the Florida and Michigan primary circus that has not (yet) been widely reported.

The Democrats in Michigan control both houses of their legislature as well as their Governorship. These politicians knew full well that passing a law to jump their primary ahead of others would result in the consequences they and their consituency in Michigan have now reaped from the Democratic National Committee.

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Who’s watching the watchers?

Given the power to snoop on their citizens, governments will snoop. Given limits on snooping, governments will inevitably exceed them, barring oversight by an independent watchdog. That’s just the way governments work.

The USA Patriot Act greatly expanded the use of national-security letters, administrative subpoenas that do not need a judge’s approval, that allow government agents to collect, generally secretly, extensive amounts of personal information — bank and credit records, Internet use, telephone records.

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Taxpayers will pay for greed of others

As home foreclosures mount and Washington struggles to find a solution to a dilemma that threatens to drag the nation into full-fledged recession, one thing seems inescapable: Ultimately, the taxpayers will be assessed for the greed of lenders and the self-indulgence of a couple of generations of Americans who want everything without struggle.

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Some Veep choices for McCain

Now that he has embarrassed the “experts” and naysayers by clinching the Republican nomination and securing President Bush’s endorsement, Sen. John McCain can focus on picking his running mate. Three potential vice presidents merit the Arizonan’s immediate consideration.

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How much experience is necessary?

A key question confronting voters this election concerns who has the experience to be leader of the free world.

Fact is, none of the top candidates has extensive executive experience. Republican John McCain has served in Congress longer than Democrats Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama combined. And experience has been an issue in the primary race between Clinton and Obama — since the latter has just three years in the Senate — but it hasn’t seemed to hurt Obama much among Democrats generally.

Will experience be a key issue in the general-election campaign? How important is it? Ben Boychuk and Joel Mathis, the moderators of, weigh in.

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