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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Propaganda — how words matter

Has anyone ever noticed that when people talk about Senator Clinton, they usually refer to her by her first name, Hillary? When people refer to Senator Obama, the say Obama?

This sounds like propaganda to me and shows just how much words matter.

If we called Hillary by her last name CLINTON, it would be a constant reminder of just who she is married to. So by always referring to her as Hillary, softens the impact of the CLINTON name.

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My Dream

I stayed up until 1am on the Texas and Ohio primary just to see if we were going to find a clear front runner for the democratic nomination. Of course… NO.

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Bush endorses McCain

President Bush has endorsed John McCain. The announcement comes a day after the Arizona senator clinched the Repubican presidential nomination by getting the required number of delegates. Bush’s nod is recognition that McCain is the party’s choice.

“I’ve campaigned against him and I’ve campaigned with him,” Bush said. Later, Bush said, “He’s going to be the president.”

Bush had formally welcomed McCain and his wife, Cindy, at the North Portico of the White House. He hosted a lunch in his private dining room.

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OK Hillary. You won. Now what?

Congratulations, Hillary Rodham Clinton. You did what your husband said you had to do and won Ohio and Texas.

Now what?

“Tonight we won three out of four contests and began a new chapter in this historical campaign,” the victorious Clinton told reporters on her campaign plane.

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More FBI abuses on privacy

The FBI improperly used national security letters in 2006 to obtain personal data on Americans during terror and spy investigations, Director Robert Mueller said Wednesday.

Mueller told the Senate Judiciary Committee that the privacy breach by FBI agents and lawyers occurred a year before the bureau enacted sweeping new reforms to prevent future lapses.

Details on the abuses will be outlined in the coming days in a report by the Justice Department’s inspector general.

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Obama rebounds in Texas caucuses

Barack Obama regained lost ground in the fierce competition for Democratic convention delegates on Wednesday based on results from the Texas caucuses, partially negating the impact of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s string of comeback primary victories.

Late returns showed Clinton emerged from Rhode Island, Vermont, Texas and Ohio with a gain of 12 delegates on her rival for the night, with another dozen yet to be awarded in The Associated Press’ count.

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Bush’s (Mixed) Blessing

John McCain almost certainly isn’t the Republican that President Bush and Vice President Cheney would have hand-picked to succeed them — but a McCain victory in November now represents their only hope of preventing all they have wrought from coming undone.

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Of course they want Hillary

Looking at the statistics from last night’s election in Texas, it is apparent that there was a significant crossover vote last night in Texas in favor of Clinton.

It occurs to me that OF COURSE THEY WANT HILLARY! Why? Hillary voted for the war in Iraq and McCain voted for the war in Iraq.

So if they are the nominees, it can not be used against the Republicans. But if Obama is the nominee, it will be used against McCain.

This is significant since 60% of the country wants us to pull out of Iraq.

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Please tell me HOW!

I keep hearing McCain Supporters saying “he will keep us safer.”

My question to them is — HOW?

I realize that most people here are not McCain supporters but I think it would be helpful to the eventual discussion we are going to have between the 2 candidates, if we have a clue of HOW they believe he is going to keep them safe.

Especially in light of news like the link below in today’s headlines.

DHS still can’t vouch for radiation detectors

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Hillary’s latest hit job: The 3 A.M. fantasy phone, now hit on YouTube too.

(Updated with parody video) It appears that Hillary Clinton has revitalized her chance to become the Democratic candidate with the message conveyed in her instantly historic telephone advertisement. Parodies are now a hit on YouTube, but it’s too late to do Obama any good.

No matter that should a crisis occur at 3:00 A.M. it’s quite possible that you wouldn’t see a fully dressed president making a decision over the telephone. Those of us who are old enough remember the hotline established in 1963 between Moscow and Washington (LINK). I think Clinton plays on the belief among some Democrats, especially those our age, that she should be the one talking to Dmitri Medvedev at 3:00 A.M., which after all is 11:00 A.M. in Moscow.

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