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Sunday, February 5, 2023

What Has 7 Years of “Total War” Bought Us?

Now that the topic of “national security” and the monetary cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has once again reared it’s head in the Presidential campaign, it might be time to take stock of just what we’ve gotten for the HUGE amount of resources in blood and treasure we’ve expended in these wars.

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Our differences can be our strength!

In the NYT op ed today there is an excellent piece called:

What I’d Be Talking About if I Were Still Running

“The Op-Ed page asked those who have since left the race to describe one issue that is not getting as much attention as it would if they were still out on the trail talking about it. These are responses from eight of them. ”

I found this fascinating. Joe Biden of course showed his foreign experience by talking about Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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For Clinton, the ‘Bill’ may be overdue

From the beginning, political pros worried that Bill Clinton would be the real problem for Hillary Clinton’s quest to become America’s first woman President. It wasn’t just just the womanizing that bothered campaign strategists but they also expressed concerns about his enormous ego and desire to hog the spotlight.

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