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Friday, August 12, 2022

Time to close the deal

By now we are all on a first-name basis. Hillary and Barack have joined us in our living rooms night after night, hoping to close the deal in very different ways.

Barack Obama has steadily pushed his optimistic one-word theme: “Change.”

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Dying to be thin

A friend of mine committed suicide earlier this month. That’s one way of describing what happened.

Another way of describing the event would be to say she died from anorexia nervosa.

Yet another description would be to say she was killed by a culture that, from the time she was a little girl, tormented her constantly about her body.

Here’s an e-mail a 14-year-old girl sent recently to Monique van den Berg, an English professor whose blog is dedicated to, among other things, encouraging people to stop hating their bodies:

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What? Am I the Only One Traveling???

CNN recently reported a story, also reported in the Washington Post (who cares if the chicken or the egg came first???) that US Customs is now randomly searching the computers of people (US Citizens are included) who are leaving and entering the USA.
Look here:

Suit: Airport searches of laptops, other devices intrusive –*

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Fact-checking the debate

Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama are paying a price for artful dodges on trade over the years, a burden on display in their debate Tuesday night.

Thanks to past equivocations, the Democratic presidential candidates have left themselves open to the criticisms and misrepresentations they are now using against each other as they scramble to dissociate themselves from a trade agreement they once praised — with qualifications.

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A polite but pointed showdown in Ohio

Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama clashed over trade, health care and the war in Iraq Tuesday night in a crackling debate at close quarters one week before a pivotal group of primaries.

Charges of negative campaign tactics were high on the program, too.

Clinton said Obama’s campaign had recently sent out mass mailings with false information about her health care proposal, adding, “it is almost as though the health insurance companies and the Republicans wrote it.”

When it was his turn to speak, Obama said Clinton’s campaign has “constantly sent out negative attacks on us … We haven’t whined about it because I understand that’s the nature of these campaigns.”

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McCain denounces racist comments

Republican John McCain quickly denounced the comments of a radio talk show host who while warming up a campaign crowd referred repeatedly to Barack Hussein Obama and called the Democratic presidential candidate a “hack, Chicago-style” politician.

Hussein is Obama’s middle name, but talk show host Bill Cunningham used it three times as he addressed the crowd before the likely Republican nominee’s appearance.

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The Shrill “Voice of Experience”

by Maggie Van Ostrand

It’s not easy to sit in front of the TV and listen to Hillary Clinton talk and talk and talk and talk and talk … They call it a “debate.” Obviously, she’s taking Saturday Night Live seriously and believes their skit was actually advising her to interrupt, stop that awful chortling, and hold the floor at all costs. Filibuster? It’s more like the Never Ending Story.

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