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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Civil rights leader dumps Clinton

Civil rights leader John Lewis has dropped his support for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential bid in favor of Barack Obama.

Lewis, a Democratic congressman from Atlanta, is the most prominent black leader to defect from Clinton’s campaign in the face of near-majority black support for Obama in recent voting. He also is a superdelegate who gets a vote at this summer’s national convention in Denver.

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Clinton backtracks on tax returns

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton says she won’t release her tax returns until she has the Democratic presidential nomination in hand, and not before tax filing time comes in mid-April.

Clinton argued for openness Tuesday night during her latest debate with Democratic rival Barack Obama.

“I will release my tax returns,” Clinton said during the debate. “I have consistently said I will do that once I become the nominee, or even earlier.”

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When you lie down with dogs…

When John McCain decided to embrace the rabid right wing of the Republican party, he also left the door open for the racists, bigots, homophobes and hate-mongers who dominate the so-called conservative movement.

That decision rose up and bit him in the ass Tuesday.

In an obvious lapse of judgment, taste and common sense, someone in the McCain campaign allowed hate-filled Cincinnati radio host Bill Cunningham to precede the presumptive GOP nominee on stage during a campaign stop in that city.

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We won in Iraq, now it’s time to come home

The Senate is getting ready to debate Iraq again. Head “spend and stealer” Mitch McConnell has decided to allow debate on this bill. It’s something of a political manuver but that’s OK because it gives us a chance to talk about Iraq ….again!

The thing is we WON in Iraq. And in the past once we have accomplished our objectives, we have brought our troops home.

Now GW is not going to do this as long as he is in office. So it falls on the Congress and those who continue to keep our troops in harms’ way.

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Clinton on Russian leader: ‘Whatever’

U.S. Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, who has argued she would be stronger on foreign policy than rival Barack Obama, stumbled over the name of the likely new Russian president on Tuesday while predicting he would not be an independent leader.

When asked at a debate whether she knew the name of the certain successor to President Vladimir Putin — Dmitry Medvedev — Clinton struggled to get it out.

“Medvedev — whatever,” she finally said.

Obama, who fielded a second question on the issue, did not pronounce the name.

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Steal-and-Spend Republicans

The Dems are missing a solid chance to pin the Republicans with a moniker far more telling than the “tax and spend” label that the other party delights in sticking onto the Republicans.

The Dems should make it an unofficial part of the campaign plank to refer to the Republicans as “steal and spend Republicans.”

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Consumer confidence takes another nose dive

In more bad economic news, consumer confidence and home prices posted sharp declines while higher costs for such basics as food and energy left wholesale inflation rising at the fastest pace in a quarter-century.

The new reports Tuesday raised the threat of a return of “stagflation,” the economic curse of the 1970s in which economic growth stagnates at the same time that inflation continues racing ahead.

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Debate unlikely to change anything

Democrats Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are making their final pitches to voters in Ohio and Texas, must-win contests for Clinton, after a mostly somber and policy-filled debate that seemed unlikely to alter the political calculus of the race.

In sometimes testy exchanges, the two sparred over health care, the war in Iraq and trade, particularly the North American Free Trade Agreement which was negotiated in her husband’s first term — but is seen by labor and other critics as a chief culprit in the loss of manufacturing jobs in Ohio and other industrial Midwestern states.

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