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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Hillary’s Sinking Ship

For Mrs. Clinton, the big story today has been about her latest rout in the Wisconsin Presidential Primary.

But, for Mr. Obama, there is little left to say other than he keeps winning. His victories have grown almost commonplace and his demographic disadvantages have become progressively slimmer.

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McCain’s ethics questioned

Revelations of an eight-year-old relationship between John McCain and an attractive female lobbyist raises a new question about the GOP Presidential frontrunner’s ethics.

Questions about womanizing by McCain have circulated in Washington for years and even his senior advisors were convinced eight years ago that he was involved in an affair with lobbyist Vicki Iseman.

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What drives Hillary?

Depending on the poll, (which have been far more wrong than right this year) Barack Obama now holds a lead over Hillary Clinton nationally. In Ohio, he is only behind by single digits, after being behind by as much as 29%. In Texas, either they are tied, or Barack has earned a small lead.

Yet this morning, the Clinton campaign sent out its talking heads on cue, hitting all cable and morning news stations. The message was clear. She plans to win this, and stay in until the very end.

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I can’t help it…

I can’t help it.

While it’s true that Obama is far from the anointed grand pooh-bah just yet, I think that if he wins even half of the races remaining to run, he will be well and away to his first Presidential race.

The fact that the man’s politics, as well as those of the party that he’s a member of, represent nothing good in my mind what so ever aside, I can’t help it.

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Thinking Small For Freedom

As adults, we have all experienced that feeling of being overwhelmed by events. Successful people have long known that this can best be overcome by making lists. How?

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Let’s not plan Obama’s coronation quite yet!

Senator Barak Obama was run an astonishingly good campaign, coming from being a virtual nobody famed only for his 2004 convention speech to an excellent chance at winning the nomination. Senator Hillary Clinton has run a faltering campaign that has taken her from being the presumed nominee to someone who is facing a personal and philosophical political defeat from which not even her “Comeback Kid” spouse can recover.

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Could dropping names for VP help?

If you were a candidate losing momentum and looking for ways to get a boost, wouldn’t it be an interesting twist to start dropping some possible names you would consider for VP?

I realize people have discussed Clinton and Obama on the same ticket. I don’t think that is feasible, so if I was Hillary and I wanted to pull some voters from past candidates would I drop their names as possible VP’s to get their voter’s support?

Who do you see as possible VP candidates? On both sides? and why?

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Take responsibility for yourself

THIS THREAD IS NOT ABOUT UNIVERSAL HEALTH INSURANCE SO PLEASE DON’T START THAT HERE!!!!! This thread is about being healthy and taking responsibility for yourselves.

Scientists Agree: Obesity Causes Cancer

I recently had a discussion with someone here who glossed over the fact that obesity is now the leading factor in causing cancer. In fact they have proven that obesity actually increases the likelihood of 12 different types of cancer.

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Newton’s third law adapted may be Obama’s key to beating Clinton

If Hillary Clinton continues her negative campaign strategy she will compound her own biggest negative among many voters. Many Democrats, even her supporters, consider her to be an egotistical, though capable, hardened political animal who believes she is entitled to be the next president. She recited her latest stump speech lines through a forced smile in Ohio last night after Obama trounced her in Wisconsin. A dozen words congratulating Obama would have been, if nothing more, simple courtesy.

What does Isacc Newton have to do with this?

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