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Sunday, July 21, 2024

Question for CHB bloggers and commentators

CHB has two divisions here, one is the front page and the other Reader Rant. My question is, do the two agree on how we stand at this time.

I’m banned from Reader Rant due to a temper tantrum and I understand perfectly. I’m curious about their political points of view.

Can anyone tell me if they are as disgusted with Hillary as we are and do they lean towards Obama? Don’t put in a link as I am prevented from reading in.

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New 2009 Iraq war request coming soon

Rueters reports the following today:
“Within the next few months the Bush administration will ask Congress for more money to pay for the war in Iraq next year beyond the $70 billion in a White House budget plan”

You have to admit, GW has some balls asking for more money while he guts the US economy.

Did you see that he is even eliminating a reading program championed by his wife?

The question is “will Congress give it to him?”

This reminds me of 2002. If you don’t give him the money, you will be labeled unpatriotic and not supporting our troops in the fall.

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So while this circus is running full blast…

So while this circus of political clowns is busy entertaining the nation, Who’s looking out for the Nation’s business?

Rather like hoards of colorfully dressed jesters of old, they parade before us. We watch, laugh, and cry at their antics…But what, if anything is going on in this country?

The media has moved the tragedies of Afghanistan, and Iraq where our citizens continue to die in Bush’s illegal and immoral war, to the side bars at best, at worst to the back pages.

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No thrill from shrill Hill

Hillary Rodham Clinton walked on stage in Texas Tuesday night and delivered yet another overlong, overwrought stump speech, ignoring the butt-kicking she received yet again in primaries back East.

This time she couldn’t claim these were meaningless caucuses which her husband lost in 1992. These were the Potomac primaries: Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia – the National Capital Region where she and her husband lived as squatters for eight years at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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Obama cuts into Hillary’s base

Hillary Rodham Clinton has set up Texas and Ohio as her firewall, but the results from Democratic presidential rival Barack Obama’s most recent victories give her plenty of reason to worry it will hold up.

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McCain ‘fired up’ by victories

Republican John McCain said he was “fired up and ready to go” against either Democratic presidential contender as he celebrated primary victories Tuesday in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.

“We do not yet know for certain who will have the honor of being the Democratic Party’s nominee for president,” McCain said of Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton. “But we know where either of their candidates will lead this country, and we dare not let them.”

He told supporters at a hotel in Alexandria, Va.: “My friends, I promise you, I am fired up and ready to go.”

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