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Monday, June 17, 2024

I’ve Been Thinking About Liberalism

I’ve been challenged to study ism’s lately, and one that has me in a quandary is liberalism. Checked a number of references… you know how such topics are… differences of opinion and all.. SO MANY IDEAS! To get it straight, just like Zogby, I thought I’d bring it to you. To get things going I’ll use the definition in Wikipedia:

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Obama takes early lead in Maine caucus

Democrats overlooked the snowy weather and turned out in heavy numbers for municipal caucuses Sunday, giving Barack Obama a slight lead over Hillary Rodham Clinton in early tallies for the party’s party presidential nominee.

Democrats in 420 Maine towns and cities were deciding how the state’s 24 delegates will be allotted at the party’s national convention in August. Despite the weather, turnout was “incredible,” party executive director Arden Manning said.

With 11 percent of the participating precincts reporting, Obama had a narrow lead over clinton Clinton, 175 to 168, with four uncommitted.

The voting came a day after Obama and Clinton made personal appeals here, and after Obama picked up wins in Louisiana, Nebraska and Washington.

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Clinton sacks campaign boss

Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton replaced campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle with longtime aide Maggie Williams on Sunday, engineering a shake-up in a presidential campaign struggling to overcome rival Barack Obama’s financial and political strengths.

The surprise announcement came hours after Obama’s sweep of three contests Saturday. The Illinois senator also grabbed the early lead in caucuses in Maine on Sunday.

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A chink in McCain’s inevitability?

Sen. John McCain stumbled in the first elections since becoming the apparent Republican nominee for president, losing the Kansas caucuses as another round of states voted Saturday.

Despite losing to former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee in Kansas, McCain is all but assured his party nod. The Arizona senator has rolled up huge numbers of delegates to the national convention: Before Saturday, he had 719 delegates to Huckabee’s 234. Mitt Romney, who suspended his campaign last week, had 298.

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Obama sweeps, Huckabee scores two wins

Sen. Barack Obama swept the Louisiana primary and caucuses in Nebraska and Washington state Saturday night, slicing into Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s slender delegate lead in their historic race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

The Illinois senator also won caucuses in the Virgin Islands, completing his best night of the campaign.

“Today, voters from the West Coast to the Gulf Coast to the heart of America stood up to say ‘yes we can'” Obama told a cheering audience of Democrats at a party dinner in Richmond, Va.

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