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Thursday, February 2, 2023

A Hill(ary) in Florida. How flat. How pathetic.

A jewish ex-girlfriend once taught me how to spell and pronounce the word “chutzpah”, while claiming that it was a perfect nickname for me (in my admittedly arrogant yute).

Sigh. She was right, I have no doubts.

I suspect that I have nothing on the Clinton campaign.

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A Plea to Reagan Republicans

Came across a great video today, and I will share it below. But first a few words. I see many Republicans jumping ship this year and (gasp!) looking at the Democrats (Obama) as some kind of protest thing. I see many more suggesting we abandon the party altogether and start a third party.

In the first debate in California last year, every one of the candidates were tripping over themselves to throw Reagan’s name out there. All but one, that is.

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Is it our turn?

The Soviet Union finally collapsed as a result of having over extended itself with military adventures meant to keep up with those of the United States. As Soviet debt mounted, it found it could no longer sustain its cold war campaign and match the weapons build up that President Reagan accelerated during his term. Have we met a similar fate today? Are we due for a comeuppance with similar extreme consequences?

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Will the REAL Terrorists Please Stand Up?

If the “War on Terror” is really a “war”, then how come all the “terrorists” Mr. Bush is illegally holding indefinitely down at Gitmo are still being (politely) referred to as “detainees” rather than “prisoners of war”?

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G-d, Allah, & Jesus’s Daddy?????

I try to see something positive here, but I cannot. Bush disgusts me, Chaney makes me want to vomit in his face, and Nancy P standing and applauding is what is expected from someone who is bought and paid for. Token applause is worse than no applause at all, and to those who say that it was the office they were honoring, not the man, I say BullShit!

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Americans to Drink More Treated Sewage


First they are messing with our food. Now they are messing with our water.


No wonder cancer rates are up overall!

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So much for podunk politics

Yucca is so yesterday.

So are other localized issues once indulged in the presidential campaign. Ethanol has gone up in (politically correct) smoke. Billions for Detroit? A distant echo.

The presidential candidates, who have seemed to be running for mayor at times, now must run for the presidency.

They face what is essentially a national election in a week, two dozen contests coast to coast, and can no longer get by with the single-state pandering that helped get them where they are. Don’t expect to be hearing more about Iowa hog waste from the men and woman who would be president.

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Will youth make a difference?

Tammy Hsu is one of those 20-something voters who can drive a presidential candidate crazy.

She registered to vote during the recent Illinois “grace period” and cast an early vote in her state’s Super Tuesday primary. But she’s still not completely sold on any candidate, not even Barack Obama, the home-state Democrat widely depicted as the choice of young voters.

Nor is she committed to a political party.

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Rudy’s last gasp

Republican Rudy Giuliani’s White House quest could be in deep trouble as he lags far behind the leaders in a Florida presidential primary he counted on winning, according to a Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby poll released on Tuesday.

Hours before the start of Florida’s voting, Arizona Sen. John McCain held a slim 4-point lead over former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, 35 percent to 31 percent, in what was essentially a two-man race, the poll found.

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