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Friday, June 21, 2024

Kennedy: ‘Change is in the air’

Summoning memories of his slain brother, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy led two generations of the First Family of Democratic politics Monday in endorsing Barack Obama for the White House, declaring, “I feel change is in the air.”

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DOD Wants $70 Billion More for Wars

More spying on Americans

“According to sources, the system uses the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency’s “Terrorist Information Network,” a vast computer database that collects information, in real time, on millions of Americans’ financial transactions, travel habits and purchases.

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CA 2008 Propositions

A quick review:

Prop 91 – Apparently, even the people that wrote this bill don’t want us to vote for it. I guess they got it put on the ballot, then legislation was passed making it unnecessary. It’s only on the ballot at all because that legislation was passed too late for it to be taken off.

So I guess I’m voting no on that one.

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Is It Becoming a Crime to Think?

Before I begin here, I think perhaps I should make my own beliefs very clear to any potential readers. First of all, the crime of “sedition” has always been defined as advocating the overthrow of a legal government by force or violence.

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The Slap Heard Round the World

by Maggie Van Ostrand

After decades of listening to the Clintons boasting about the closeness of their family with the Kennedys’, it seems the Kennedys are doing the same thing to the Clintons that they once did to the mob, only sooner.

NYTimes Op-Ed columnist, Frank Rich, asked this in his Sunday column about Bill Clinton’s “co-candidacy:”

• Do Bill Clinton’s red-faced eruptions and fact-challenged rants enhance or diminish his wife as a woman and a candidate?

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More Big Brother comments.

Gentle readers of this blog, I apologize for what follows, but I was raised in a socialist country that practices a “form” of democracy. The results of which have left me with extremely strong feelings about the citizenry remaining free from the yolk of ANY level of government oversight of the lives of the ordinary citizen for ANY reason outside a compelling and justifiable criminal inquiry.

I looked at a few other blogs this morning, and I (as usual) find myself getting a bit pissed off at the thought of big brother “outsourcing the illegal surveillance” of this county’s citizens.

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Does Hillary have a Monika motor driving her to be the boss of Bill?

I knew about Hillary’s tornado ambition, not only from press accounts but from an inside source. I knew she sometime put her personal goals before what was best for the Democratic Party. But as long as her tornado stayed in the remote prairie I gave her a pass.

But this tornado started ripping apart people’s houses. Because of this I will vote for Obama in Massachusetts. Now I am turning my shrink’s eyes* from Bush to the Clintons because I want to understand why she’d let he campaign go so negative. What I see isn’t as noxious as Bush’s personality disorder, but we shouldn’t ignore possible negative reasons the wife of a serial philanderer stands by her man.

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The Day of Big Brother is Here and Alive and Well!


Talking About AT&T’s Internet Filtering on AT&T’s The Hugh Thompson Show

I have never liked AT&T! Here is just another reason why.

The Day of Big Brother is Here and Alive and Well!

How do I know this isn’t happening with all my providers?



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The “we” versus “me” campaign

Listen to Democratic Presidential wannabe Hillary Rodham Clinton speak and you notice one word dominates most of what she says.

No, the word is not “change.” The word is “I.”

The same word comes out of her husband’s mouth like so much verbal diarrhea.

Now listen to the speeches of challenger Barack Obama, the man who threatens to ruin their plan of another four-to-eight years of free rent at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

His most often-used word is “we,” not “I.”

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