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Friday, March 24, 2023

Obama routs Clinton in South Carolina primary

Senator Barack Obama has won the South Carolina Democratic primary by a substantial margin, easily defeating Hillary Clinton and John Edwards.

Obama pulled in more votes than all his opponents combined, collecting 57 percent from a record turnout of South Carolina voters. Clinton trailed far behind with 26 percent and Edwards came in a distant third with 18 percent. The broadcast networks declared Obama the winner within seconds of the polls closing at 7 p.m.

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More spying on Americans

President George W. Bush has ordered stepped-up monitoring of federal computer networks, including government Internet sites, because of stepped up attacks by hackers.

But Bush’s secret directive also allows the government to snoop more into private Internet sites as well as data networks that contain information on millions of American citizens.

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The value of a vote

I am always amazed at the number of people who are willing to say on national television that they decide for whom they will vote in presidential primaries when they enter the polling booth. Their lackadaisical attitude is disheartening.

If there is one thing we have in this country, it is an abundance of sources and people extolling the virtues — or weaknesses — of the candidates. Why is it we follow with more interest the ups and downs of reality-show contestants than the records and opinions of those vying to become our next president?

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Counting down the days

There were some Navy corpsmen who had canes that they would whittle down each day. Near the end of their tours in Vietnam, they would carry maybe foot-long sticks in their hands. They would carry them with some swagger.

They were “short.”

Most of the people I remember just tacked their short-timer calendar to the wall of a hooch and filled in the days. Some of the calendars were in the shape of a woman. Some were just a grid of numbers — 365 days or 395 days and counting until that flight back to the world.

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Thompson lacked substance

Post-mortems on Fred Thompson’s short presidential run focus on how the actor and former senator ran his campaign. Started late, poorly managed, lack of enthusiasm, etc.

But these analyses miss the more fundamental, and instructive, problem — his message. Touted as the only “real conservative,” a careful look shows that this label was pretty dubious. His ideas were devoid of the vision and leadership that fueled Republican ascendancy a quarter-century ago and badly needed today.

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Timeout on political ads

With the closest thing we have to a national presidential primary coming just two days after the Super Bowl, some fear that the sports sanctity of the football championship might be sullied by the presence of political ads.

Several campaigns investigated investing in super-expensive Super Bowl spots, figuring that might be an efficient way of advertising in the 22 states that hold contests on Super Tuesday, Feb. 5.

But the Fox TV network, which will air the contest, just decreed that the broadcast will remain a politics-free zone, at least on the national level.

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Asian News & CHB

It is great to sit here in SE Asia and still feel in touch with the world. On my cable network I get BBC, Asia News, Bloomberg, and Al Jazeera in English. I only consider Asia News and Bloomberg as being non-partisan and reasonably honest. It seems that BBC has sold out, altho the Brits were never far from the pockets of Arab Oil Money. Al Jazeera is subtly biased, not the drooling, raving, maniacal Arab hordes portrayed in much of the American media.

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