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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Stimulus Shmimulus

Great stimulus package! Wait five months to supposedly fix an immediate crisis. They say, that due to this being a busy time for the IRS, people may not see these checks until June or later. But I have a better idea…

Give all taxpayers earning less than $100,000.00 last year tax immunity. That’s right…tax immunity. Just stroll down to your local H&R Block with your W-2, fill out a one page return, and have all your taxes from 2007 back in your wallet in 2 weeks.

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Hillary’s defender-in-chief

It started with dismissive talk of a fairy tale, then deteriorated into more of a nightmare.

As he campaigns for his wife, Bill Clinton has been taking aim at her rival Barack Obama and the media with increasing rancor, trading the roles of elder statesman and supportive spouse for that of attack dog.

Obama is scrapping, too, going after the former president with increasingly heated criticism, and getting testy with reporters himself at times.

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Kucinich drops White House bid

Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich is abandoning his second bid for the White House. In an interview with Cleveland’s Plain Dealer, the six-term congressman said he was quitting the race and would make a formal announcement on Friday.

“I will be announcing that I’m transiting out of the presidential campaign,” Kucinich said. “I’m making that announcement tomorrow about a new direction.”

Kucinich, who was elected to the House in 1996, faces a tough race for re-election.

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WHAT has Mexico got to do with American Laws?

I just read an interesting article about Mexico’s President attempting to come into this country, and influence American views pertaining to “rights” for Mexican workers in this country. Then I read the well stated and coherent reply by Bryan McClellan on January 24, 2008, and the lines:

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Another right bites the dust

Carded at polls: No photo ID, no vote

I found parts of this really amazing and just how to share some of this incredulous stuff.

“You want us to invalidate a statute on the ground that it’s a minor inconvenience to a small percentage of voters?” asked Justice Anthony Kennedy, traditionally the swing vote between the court’s conservative and liberal members.

HEAVEN FORBID! The rights of the majority take precedence over the rights of ALL the citizens.

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A dark cloud settles over America

As America heads into perhaps its most pivotal Presidential election in modern times candidates for the highest office in the land face an angry, disillusioned, depressed electorate that fear hard times now and see harder times ahead.

Many Americans face the coming year with sullenness and despair. Many have lost their homes as foreclosures mount. Many lost their jobs and face uncertain employment prospects for the future.

Here at Capitol Hill Blue we see that anger and darkness daily in our interaction with readers. It spills out in comments to stories, dominates discussion and touches most of the stories we print.

Many readers ask "what's the use?" In an election where "change" dominates the debate, most voters don't expect change. They see little hope from any of the candidates on either side of the political aisle.

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More waste and fraud in Iraq

A defense contractor hired to repair combat equipment routinely failed to do the job right and then charged the government millions of dollars for the extra work needed to get the gear ready for battle in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to a newly released audit.

Overall, the contractor’s employees at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait worked about 188,000 additional hours to fix Humvees, heavy transporters and fighting vehicles that allegedly were mended but flunked a military inspection, the Government Accountability Office said.

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The Jose Padilla debacle

The Bush administration’s case against alleged dirty bomber Jose Padilla has sputtered to an inglorious close.

Padilla, you’ll remember, was supposed to be the leader, as the U.S. attorney general himself announced, of “an unfolding terrorist plot against the United States” that featured radioactive dirty bombs and exploding apartment buildings.

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Too little too late

Washington wanted to show America and the world that it could act quickly and decisively in the face of a potential panic. And it seems to have succeeded — one hopes more than temporarily — in stabilizing the American markets and reassuring the foreign markets.

Fed chairman Ben Bernanke arrived at his office early Monday morning and by late afternoon had engineered a record one-day rate cut, down three-quarters of a percentage point to 3.5 percent. It was indeed dramatic, as intended.

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Politics heads South

The center of gravity in the intense battles for the Democratic and Republican presidential nominations has now moved South, notably to Florida and South Carolina. John McCain won the latter state’s Republican primary on Saturday Jan. 19.

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