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Monday, February 6, 2023

McCain wins South Carolina

Sen. John McCain won a hard-fought South Carolina primary Saturday night, avenging a bitter personal defeat in a bastion of conservatism and gaining ground in an unpredictable race for the Republican presidential nomination. Democrats Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama split the spoils in Nevada caucuses marred by late charges of dirty politics.

“We’ve got a long way to go,” McCain told The Associated Press in an interview. He quickly predicted that his victory in the first southern primary would help him next week when Florida votes, and again on Feb. 5 when more than two dozen states hold primaries and caucuses.

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Potency… or a lack thereof.

I’ve been following CHB for a couple of years now, first stumbled onto and then was attracted to Doug’s tirades against the horrible elite. Became familiar with rest of the storied crew, as well as those who reply regularly, and not so. There’s a lot of anger here… mine included.

But I’ve come to wonder what it’s all about. The topics are timely, the analyses often penetrating, the responses usually flesh out the issue du jour in a most interesting way… and yet the entire enterprise seems mysteriously impotent.

Is this existentialist crap?

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Clinton, Romney capture Nevada

Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton won the Nevada caucuses Saturday, powering past Sen. Barack Obama in a hard-fought race marred by late charges of dirty politics. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney coasted to an easy win in the Republican contest.

The victory marked a second-straight campaign triumph for the former first lady, who scored a New Hampshire primary upset last week and is locked in a historic, increasingly tense struggle with Obama.

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Johnny comes homeless

Peter Mohan traces the path from the Iraqi battlefield to this lifeless conference room, where he sits in a kilt and a Camp Kill Yourself T-shirt and calmly describes how he became a sad cliche: a homeless veteran.

There was a happy homecoming, but then an accident — car crash, broken collarbone. And then a move east, close to his wife’s new job but away from his best friends.

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Romney cruises to Nevada win

Republican Mitt Romney won Nevada’s caucuses Saturday while John McCain and Mike Huckabee dueled in the South Carolina primary, a campaign doubleheader likely to winnow the crowded field of presidential rivals.

Democrats shared the stage in Nevada, where Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama vied for a caucus victory and the campaign momentum that goes with it.

Romney’s western victory marked two straight successes, coming after a win in the Michigan primary earlier in the week that revived his campaign.

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Democrats turn up the heat

Forget the coded messages, the oblique attacks, the indirect putdowns. When it came to courting Nevada voters, the Democratic presidential candidates had a brawl.

The week leading to the Nevada caucuses was one of the most contentious in the Democratic contest so far. The three Democratic candidates head to South Carolina, which holds its primary Jan. 26, with no sign the race will turn genteel in the South.

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Focus on 2012 as 2008 is worthless

2012 is where our focus should be as we should realize that 2008 is so wrapped up in Religion and Corruption that it should be ignored after the election. It matters little who wins the White House as no changes will be made. I’m willing to see what the Democrats can do with the mess with the war, the economy, immigration, foreign involvement and the uniting of Canada, the USA and Mexico which will go through unless we revolt. Neither party will stand up to it. Neither party will improve the academic mess unless it is pumping more money in a failed system.

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Some Thoughts on Religion and Politics

Sadly, the latest public debates about mixing politics with religion (particularly as it relates to abortion, sex and legalizing Gay marriage) have been commanded by a well-organized (albeit unlikely) combination of both traditional and fundamentalist evangelical “Christian” institutions. The latter remain particularly non-inclusive in their approach to religion.

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Voting today in S.C., Nevada

Voters in Nevada and South Carolina make their choices on Saturday in a chaotic U.S. presidential race, with polls showing tight struggles in both states as nominating battles move to the South and West.

In South Carolina, Republicans John McCain and Mike Huckabee are battling for the lead in a race focused on economic worries, while Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson hope to shove their way to the top in a state where Republicans have a history as kingmakers.

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