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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Hearings set on missing emails

A White House chart indicates no e-mail was archived on 473 days for various units of the Executive Office of the President, a House committee chairman says.

Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., says a White House spokesman’s comments suggesting no e-mail had disappeared conflicted with what congressional staffers were told in September.

On Thursday night, Waxman said he was scheduling a hearing for Feb. 15 and challenged the White House to explain spokesman Tony Fratto’s remark that “we have absolutely no reason to believe that any e-mails are missing.”

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Mike shows his homophobia

Republican Presidential wannabe Mike Huckabee appealed to basic GOP homophobia Thursday by attempting to link homosexuality to bestiality and promoting constitutional amendments to force evangelical lifestyles on all Americans.

Trailing in the polls, Huckabee obviously wants to appeal to Republican intolerance and ignorance on gay rights issues and advance the repressive agenda of the GOP.

Huckabee also tried to link abortion to slavery, another ploy of the radical right wing of the Republican party.

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Obama’s new Vegas lounge act

The White House campaign has brought a new act to Vegas. Barack Obama has stepped up his campaign against Hillary Rodham Clinton, and he’s trying to use humor to bring her down before this weekend’s Democratic presidential caucus.

His argument is starkly different from the “Iowa nice” approach he used in recent weeks when campaigning in the first caucus state. Candidates who go negative there have a history of turning off voters, so Obama rarely criticized Clinton directly in Iowa — instead he made veiled references to “some of my opponents” — and he won the state.

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Erotic Politicians Fund Sex Abstinence Studies

By Maggie Van Ostrand

Do you ever wonder why Congress keeps authorizing so many studies and tests we know nothing about until the results are released? Along with the expensive taxpayer-funded National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism’s Rand Report which found that alcoholics could drink in moderation (someone tell that to Uncle Joey who tried it and now lives on the Bowery), Congress recently authorized yet another dumb study.

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Crunch time in Nevada

The fight for top-billing in Saturday’s Nevada Democratic presidential caucus has become much like its model in Iowa: an hour-by-hour test of who has the best organization.

But unlike Iowa, Nevada never really has done this before, and not on the scale an early caucus date requires. No one knows for sure what the best organization should look like in a state with two major population centers and vast stretches of desert in between.

As the top three candidates made their final pitches to voters, their organizations geared up to find out.

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Hillary tries to win back black voters

Hillary Rodham Clinton and her campaign tried to mend ties to black voters Thursday when a key supporter apologized to her chief rival, Barack Obama, for comments that hinted at Obama’s drug use as a teenager. The candidate herself, meanwhile, praised the Rev. Martin Luther King and promised to assist with the rebirth of this troubled, largely black city.

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