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Friday, September 22, 2023

Call the meat wagon: Fred is dead

Fred Dalton Thompson may be an actor (of sorts) but he is not a good enough actor to convince anyone with a functioning brain he still has a shot at the Republican Presidential nomination.

After the one-term former Senator and sometimes actor turned candidate eeked out a third place finish just barely ahead of John McCain in Iowa, Thompson headed home to McLean, Virginia and not directly to New Hampshire like the other candidates.

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The importance of ‘Big Mo’

In politics, they call it “Big Mo,” the momentum that comes from a win and the opportunity to take that momentum into the next primary.

Both Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee left Iowa with “Big Mo” driving their campaigns. Polls taken in New Hampshire right after the Iowa caucuses show both candidates gaining and the campaign fortunes of New Hampshire front runners Hillary Clinton and John McCain sliding.

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