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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Lieberman will endorse McCain

Sen. John McCain, trying to build momentum toward a reprise of his 2000 New Hampshire primary victory, is piling up high-profile endorsements, including one from another political maverick, Sen. Joseph Lieberman.

The Connecticut senator, an independent who was the Democrats’ 2000 vice presidential nominee, was scheduled to announce his support for McCain at a town hall meeting Monday morning in Hillsborough.

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Tax break for billionaires

More than 50 American billionaires can breathe easier now that Congress is set to keep the farm-subsidy spigot open for them and other wealthy folks who get government checks originally intended to help small, struggling farmers.

Despite a lot of rhetoric about reform, neither the Senate, which finished its work on the mammoth farm bill this week, nor the House did anything to change rules that allowed at least 56 billionaires to reap more than $2 million in agriculture handouts in 2003 to 2005 alone.

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Bush to Congress: Gimme money for Iraq

President Bush appealed to Congress on Saturday to give him real cash for the war, not just a pledge to fund the troops.

“A congressional promise — even if enacted — does not pay the bills,” Bush said in his weekly radio address. “It is time for Congress to provide our troops with actual funding.”

The broadcast is the president’s latest shot in a battle the White House is having with Congress over spending bills.

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McCain, Clinton win key endorsements

Republican John McCain and Democrat Hillary Clinton got a boost to their campaigns for presidential nominations from an influential newspaper on Sunday despite setbacks in opinion polls.

The Des Moines Register, Iowa’s largest newspaper, endorsed the two candidates for the fast-approaching Iowa caucuses, calling them the best prepared and most tested of the White House contenders.

The paper is an agenda setter in a state where on January 3 voters kick off the state-by-state battle to choose Republican and Democratic candidates in the November 2008 election.

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Bolton: Bush policies ‘in free fall’

President George W. Bush’s foreign policy is in free fall and puts the nation’s security at risk, former ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton told a German magazine on Sunday.

Bolton, who was a leading hawk in the U.S. administration and favored a tough stance against Iran, North Korea and Iraq, told the Der Spiegel weekly that Bush needed to rein in Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

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GOP hopefuls haunted by Bush record

Republican White House contender Mike Huckabee refused to apologize Sunday after a rival accused him of insulting President George W. Bush by describing his foreign policy as “arrogant.”

Huckabee butted heads with former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney after publishing a foreign policy paper calling for American foreign policy to change its “tone and attitude, open up, and reach out.”

“The Bush administration’s arrogant bunker mentality has been counterproductive at home and abroad,” the former Arkansas governor wrote in the journal Foreign Affairs.

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Obama, Clinton in dead heat for Iowa

Barack Obama is hitting his stride, just as Hillary Clinton’s Democratic campaign stutters, setting up a closely fought sprint to January’s first White House nominating contest.

With the race a statistical dead heat in Iowa, before the crucial nominating caucuses on January 3, and a dogfight in New Hampshire, which votes five days later, both candidates launched one last push to win over undecided voters in Iowa amid freezing winter weather.

Most surveys show Obama rising, and the longtime frontrunner sliding, suggesting that the young senator’s timing may be spot on.

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Congressmen promise CIA probe

U.S. Congress members vowed on Sunday to investigate the CIA’s destruction of videotapes depicting harsh interrogation of terrorism suspects, despite Justice Department advice that the agency not cooperate.

The top Republican member of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee and a leading Democratic voice on security joined in a blistering attack on the CIA and on the complex network of U.S. intelligence agencies in general.

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