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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Congressional Pages: ‘Kids gone wild’

Sex among young Congressional pages has become so rampant that two youngsters were recently sent home for engaging in oral sex in front of, and with encouragement from, other pages.

Lax oversight of the underage charges who serve as “gofers” on Capitol Hill has led to resignations by two members of the Congressional board that oversees the program and claims that pages are routinely engage in sex acts with each other and committing crimes.

So far, four pages have been sent home for “inappropriate sexual conduct” and shoplifting but sources on Capitol Hill says the system is out of control and some concerned parents have dubbed the system “kids gone wild.”

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Welcome to the glare of the spotlight

When he was just a little-known governor of Arkansas and a longshot candidate for President, Mike Huckabee didn’t get much attention.

That was then, this is now. Now Huckabee is running near the top of the GOP Presidential pack and he is getting lots of attention.

And he is squirming under the spotlight.

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First the crime, then the investigation

The damning news that the Central Intelligence Agency destroyed videotapes that showed torture of terrorism suspects has brought demands for investigations by both the Justice Department and Congress.

The tapes, which the CIA admits shows “waterboarding” of terrorism suspects could become the “smoking gun” of the Bush Administration’s use of “harsh interrogation” techniques long banned by the Geneva Convention.

The White House, of course, says it didn’t know about the existence of such tapes but new evidence shows that former Bush counsel Harriet Meirs advised the CIA to not destroy the tapes.

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